CARE Summer Programs

Central Alberta Refugee Effort has several summer programs available for our immigrant families.

Intro to Summer Sports and BBQ Day – JUNE 30th at Eastview Community Centre and park. 1-6pm

We will be hosting our annual Summer Sports and BBQ at the Eastview Community Centre and park from 1-6pm on June 30th! This is for any newcomer family and their children who want to experience some new sports or just join in the fun! We’ll be learning and playing Basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, flag football and have many other outdoor games and activities to try. You and any families you work with who would like to come are welcome to join! Please contact Rachel Pinno ( , Jill Bried ( or Avery Acheson ( to find out more, or to register!


SNAP (Settlement for Newcomers through Activities and Programs) Summer Program from C.A.R.E.

We are starting the registration process for the SNAP summer program for this summer! Please find the attached registration form for families! This year we are going to have two groups running, one for youth going into grades 6-8, and another for youth going into grades 9-12). This program is free of charge and is open to anyone (our target audience is Immigrant and Refugee youth, but anyone wanting to participate can be accepted). We are still finalizing the Calendar for this summer, but here are some of the activities and places we’ll be visiting!

-          Discovery Canyon

-          Westerner Days Fair and Exibition

-          Splash Parks

-          Red Deer MAG

-          Red Deer College

-          Swimming

-          Heritage Park

-          Paddle Boating

And much more.

We will also be providing Kid Proof courses through the summer for Middle School aged youth and the full Healthy Relationships Plus program for high school aged youth. These programs are also free of charge and families can register their youth.

The program runs Monday-Thursday afternoons (and occasional full days on Thursdays) from July 4th to August 10th.

If you have any questions about the program please contact either Rachel Pinno ( or Jill Bried (

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School Act - Bill 10

Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division is committed to using the LIFE Framework as a guideline for the creation and operation of student groups that are comprehensive in their approach to inclusion and open to the exploration, in a Catholic context, of a variety of issues including bullying, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, gender identity, discrimination, justice, and respectful relationships and language.  The LIFE Framework is the result of a provincial collaboration of Catholic school jurisdictions.  Each of our schools may be organizing LIFE Framework/Diversity groups.  They will keep their communities informed as these groups are established by placing notices in their newsletters/websites.